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The completion of a company’s listing on Stock Exchange brings one intensely regulated process to an end; however it is also just the beginning of another.

Compliance by listed companies with their continuing obligations under the Listing Rules are equally demanding, and needs to be managed within fixed time limits and under the glare of public accountability.

We at LS Group understand the importance of this and provides around the clock Investor Relations Management services to ensure all compliance set forth by each Stock Exchange are met.

Package 1

Full Website and Investor Relations

Package 2

Investor Relations Website and Management

Package 3

Investor Relations Publications Management


Intuitive Website Design cater to your company’s image

Your IR publications along with other contents will be easily obtainable by users while integrating beautifully into your Responsive Website

Helping you reach out to your current and future investors across all platforms


Multi-Language & Customization Capabilities

Using the latest Content Management Systems to put usability and clear communication in focus

Provide potential and current investors to full access of your IR publication along with customize pages from Corporate Governance to Shareholder Information.


Displaying live charts with Intraday and Historical Stock Price of your company

Fundamental and advanced technical analysis indicators

Web Hosting & Secure Server

IR publication along with your website will be hosted on our secure server

Multi-factor security server equipped with UTM Firewall, IDC Shared Firewall, F-Secure Server Security, as well as Standard Ping and MRTG Monitoring Server

We ensure all your content is safeguarded 24 HRS a day

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