Depending on the industry and sector involved, the demand placed on your IR management along with your design can vary and often requires special approach. At LS Group, we focus our expertise on helping your company develop the right approach, and the best results possible to ensure both excellence and efficiency are met.


Oil & Gas: Companies involved in exploration for, refining, distribution & supply and production of oil & gas; including suppliers of oil & gas equipment

Coal Companies involved in mining, distribution & supply of coal


Mining: Companies engaged in exploration, refining, financing and developing of mines, excluding coal which is classified under Energy

Metals: Producers, processors and traders of industrial metals, including steel, bauxite, aluminum and iron, excluding manufacturers of end products

Basic Materials Companies engaged in the manufacturing, processing and distributing of basic materials for further processing into finished products, such as chemicals, fertilizers, timber and paper

Consumer Goods

Automobiles: Companies engaged in manufacturing, assembling and distribution of passenger automobiles, motor cycles and auto parts

Household Goods & Electronics: Producers and distributors of household goods and consumer electronics, including furniture, floor coverings, domestic appliances, housewares, leisure equipment, packaging, books, toys, clocks and watches

Household Goods & Electronics: Producers and distributors of household goods and consumer electronics, including furniture, floor coverings, domestic appliances, housewares, leisure equipment, packaging, books, toys, clocks and watches

Textiles & Clothing: Manufacturers and distributors of clothing, footwear and accessories

Food & Beverages: Food processors & wholesalers, including tobacco products & plantations, and beverage producers

Health & Personal Care: Companies engaged in health & personal care business, such as operation of hospitals & clinics, manufacturing and distribution of drugs, eye care products, biotechnology products and personal hygiene products

Agricultural Products: Companies engaged in farming and fishing business


Retailers: General retailers of consumer goods not classified elsewhere

Hotels & Entertainment: Hotel operators and management companies; providers of entertainment services, including leisure facilities, photographic services and equipment

Media & Publishing:Companies engaged in broadcasting & publishing activities and other related businesses, including advertising companies

Transportation: Providers and operators of all kinds of transportation services such as airlines, air freight, rail, roads and terminal facilities, including logistic services

Support Services: Providers of non-financial services to commercial or consumer sectors not classified elsewhere (e.g. education, employment, cleaning, delivery services, funeral services and sourcing & supply chain management solution providers)

Industrial Goods

Industrial Goods: Manufacturers and distributors of industrial products, including production of machinery & equipment, electronic products, commercial vehicles & trucks and glass but excluding construction materials, metals and chemicals


Telecommunications: Operators of telecommunication networks


Utilities: Distributors of electricity, gas and water, and related businesses not classified elsewhere


Banks: Banks providing a wide range of financial services to retail & commercial sectors

Insurance: Insurance companies including brokers and agencies

Other Financials: Financial service providers excluding companies categorized as banks and insurance companies

Properties & Construction

Properties: Companies owning and developing properties, property agencies

Construction: Producers & wholesalers of building materials; constructors of commercial & residential buildings and providers of services to construction companies

Information Technology

IT Hardware: Manufacturers and distributors of computers, associated equipment & accessories; and producers of telecommunication equipment

Software & Services: Providers of computer services, including Internet services and IT consultation

Semiconductors: Companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of semiconductors and semiconductor equipment


Conglomerates: Diversified companies engaged in three or more businesses classified in different sectors with each business contributing more than 10% but not substantially to turnover

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